SAPADERE CANYON A wonder of nature' Sapadere Canyon is located within the territorial border of Alanya, a sub-district of Antalya. It is in the Northeast of the region, 44 km away from Alanya and 179 km from Antalya. Its geographical coordinates are 36° 30' 21" North, 32° 17' 43" East.

Sapadere means a stream away from the road and it was more or less a hidden treasure known only to natives for many, many years until the Alanya district governors and local investors chose to put Sapadere firmly on the map in the name of alternative tourism. This not only benefited the economy of the village but also gave more people the opportunity to visit this spectacularly beautiful valley. There is now a meandering wooden walkway through the valley which was opened mid-2008.

Sapadere Canyon is 360 meters long, nearly 400 meters high and is located 3 km away from Sapadere Village. The canyon is formed by erosion from water, ice and wind. The layers of rock were formed over thousands of years. Wooden walkways make for easy access for all visitors. The walking platform is sympathetically designed and constructed from wood and steel. The platform is environmentally friendly and can be removed when necessary. You will be amazed by the rapidly gushing water over series of rock steps, the numerous waterfalls, rare plants and different species of animals and birds when walking through this natural habitat. The clean, fresh air and cascading turquoise water over the rocks is therapeutic and refreshing on the human spirit...after all, don’t forget that water means life!

At the end of the pathway, 300 meters inside the entrance of the canyon, you will find the most spectacular point; the marvelous waterfall. This is a popular spot for visitors to take photos and it is also possible to swim in the natural pool at the bottom of the waterfall. The brave can reach the water by jumping (not recommended!) or using the surrounding step-ladders to enjoy the refreshing water. We really mean refreshing as the water barely reaches 12°C even at the peak of the summer!

You will notice a totally different atmosphere here compared to that of the seaside. Why not spend a day at Sapadere and try the chilling brook which is said to remove all negative energies from the body! You may also enjoy hiking amongst the Torsos mountain range’s rugged and virginal beauty. The flora in this area is varied and interesting and the climate more temperate especially during the hot summer months. Spend your time here swimming, picnicking, relaxing...the choice is yours. Close by to the Canyon is a lovely picnic restaurant built of wood where you can take lunch or just enjoy refreshments in the coolness of the place. You can sample mouth-watering fresh river trout caught right here from the pool. This restaurant also produces its own electricity from the power of the flowing water. Compared with some dim river restaurants, this restaurant serves delicious fresh food and delivers excellent service. We, as one of the most experienced Sapadere Canyon tour operators, have lunch in this restaurant as we feel it caters to our clients extremely and satisfies their expectations. Sapadere Canyon, which has become a popular place for those who want to escape Alanya's strong summer sunshine and refresh themselves, is literally a wonder of nature that is worthy of visiting. The Canyon has been visited by over 200 thousand people in the past 3 years and is open all year round. We organize tours all through the year no matter what the season. There is an entrance fee of 4 Turkish liras (2€). Ongoing projects are being supported by Alanya district governorship, local mayors and an Investor from Sapadere Village, Mr. Osman Yılmaz. One is the wooden walkway located at the point from which Sapadere Brook starts, and others which include picnic areas, village taverns, and other similar investments. The best way to experience the area is to join our trip today!